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Welcome to Laugharne Voluntary Controlled School





"Love for learning....Love for life" 


Together, we will work to provide a safe and welcoming environment within a Christian ethos, to grow a love for learning that will be inspired by a high standard of teaching. We will create successful and confident learners by building on the strengths and talents of each individual. We will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude a child will need to make an effective contribution and grow into responsible citizens of the future. 


The main aim of the School is to ensure that each child is happy, safe and receives fair play and opportunities in all aspects of School life. In light of our Christian values we will: 

  • Kindness – Be sensitive to every child’s needs. We will demonstrate acts of kindness and nurture the children to display this in their everyday lives.
  • Perseverance – Life is not always easy. We will teach the children to be strong and never give up. We will convey that through building on prior knowledge and taking small steps, it is possible to achieve in all aspects of life.
  • Courtesy – (Mathew 22 v34-40) “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Staff will treat children in the way that they would expect them to treat others. All pupils will be fairly treated and they will be expected to demonstrate courtesy to the school and wider community.
  • Respect – All children will be expected to respect everything and everyone around them, whether it be buildings, people, resources or work. Children will be taught morals and have the opportunity to understand that people’s beliefs and values may be different and that these should be respected.
  • Honesty – The basis for any successful relationship. Children will be encouraged to be honest even if they’ve done something wrong. They will learn that the consequences for honesty outweigh those of being dishonest in life.

The School Community will work hard to promote an ethos of Excellence in all aspects of School life and beyond.  


To view our PDG statement please click the link below

Pupil Deprivation Grant 

Governors Report to parents 2016/2017